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If your package holiday* or flight has been cancelled due to coronavirus, you’re entitled to a full cash refund. If you had to come home early, you’re entitled to a cash refund for the unused elements of the package or a pro-rata refund for the remaining days.


You’re entitled to a cash refund within 14 days of the cancellation or curtailment of your holiday, or within seven days of your cancelled flight. The refund should be paid by the company that was responsible for your holiday, so it might not be the travel agent you booked through, it’s most likely to be the tour operator – you should have an ATOL certificate which gives the name of the company responsible for the trip. If you booked a flight via an agent, you’ll have to go back to the agent – not the airline – to ask them to apply for a refund.


Unfortunately, many holiday companies and airlines are refusing cash refunds and at best giving clients the option to rebook for a later date or giving ‘refund credits’.  Some are offering vouchers, which must be used within a limited period, others nothing at all.


I’ve already written about the possible risk of accepting refund credit, vouchers and credit notes here.


If you don’t want to rebook your holiday (which might be the easiest option for you and definitely the best option for the travel company) and you’re not prepared to accept a refund credit or vouchers, you can try to get a refund from your credit or debit card issuer. Remember that when you submit a claim, you need to claim against the company responsible for providing your holiday, which might not be the travel agent you booked through.


Credit card claim


Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, credit card companies are liable for the failed delivery of goods and services, so if you paid for a holiday you didn’t get or it wasn’t as advertised (ie cut short), you have a legal right to claim a cash refund from your credit card issuer as long as the cost of the holiday was more than £100. You can make a claim under the Consumer Credit Act even if you only paid the deposit on your credit card, as long as the holiday cost more than £100 and not more than £30,000.


Note that a Section 75 claim can only be made if the holiday booked is for the main cardholder, so you can’t claim for a holiday booked for someone else (unless they were accompanying you) or if it was paid for using a second card on the account. However, you might be able to make a chargeback request instead – see below. You might also be able to make a chargeback request for claims of less than £100 and more than £30,000.


If you booked a flight or a package holiday with a tour operator via a third party travel agent your Section 75 claim might be refused because the introduction of an intermediary in the sale process has “broken the chain of credit”. If this is the case, you can try a chargeback request instead (again, see below).


To start a claim, you need to call your card issuer, which is most likely your bank, and tell them you want to raise a Section 75 dispute or a chargeback request. Before you do, it’s important to check who’s got your money, otherwise your claim could fail.



However, I’ve found that some banks are incorrectly rejecting claims, possibly because they’ve had to draft in inexperienced staff working from home to deal with a flood of claims.


When I called Lloyds Bank to claim a refund on my MasterCard after my holiday company offered me only vouchers instead of cash, I was told that holiday refund claims are being refused as tour operators are claiming that the cancellations due to the coronavirus are ‘force majeure’, in other words, outside their control. This is incorrect advice. Under the Package Travel Regulations, companies selling package holidays must refund clients for cancellations, regardless of the reason. When I called a second time, I was told that I couldn’t claim a refund as I’d already been offered vouchers by the travel company. Again, this is incorrect as consumers have the right to a cash refund. When I called a third time (I’m persistent!), I was told that any complaint I raised would be refused because “airlines can’t afford to refund everyone”!


So, if your credit card issuer refuses to let you raise a claim, or tries to persuade you that you that vouchers are an acceptable resolution, here’s what you should tell them**:


1: Package holiday sales are governed by the Package Travel Regulations. Some holiday companies are telling clients that ABTA is the governing body for the travel industry and that ABTA is advising them to issue refund credits instead of cash refunds, but ABTA is a trade association, it doesn’t make the rules, and while it has asked the Government to allow holiday companies more time to issue refunds, the Government hasn’t done so.


2: Part 4 of the Package Travel Regulations makes it clear that the holiday company is responsible in all circumstances for the performances of the package, for arranging a pro-rata refund if that is not possible, and for flying clients back to the UK where the package holiday cannot be completed, regardless of the reason. The holiday company cannot relieve itself of these obligation in its Terms & Conditions.


Note that Clause 16 (4) of the PTR states that clients are not entitled to compensation unless the holiday company is at fault.


3: Clause 14 of the Package Travel Regulations states that clients whose holidays are cancelled or disrupted are entitled to a cash refund within 14 days.


4: Clause 8 of Part 2 of the Package Travel Regulations states that in the event of a dispute between the client and the tour operator, the burden of proof rests with the tour operator, so they must show they have complied with the Package Travel Regulations.




If you paid with a debit card, the card issuer isn’t legally obliged to refund your holiday but you might be able to make a ‘chargeback’ claim for services you didn’t receive. Under this procedure, they may try to get a refund on your behalf from the tour operator or travel agent.


The process is the same as above, the only difference being that your card issuer doesn’t have a legal obligation to provide a refund.


You can also make a chargeback request if you paid for someone else’s holiday on your credit card or a second card holder on your account made the booking.



If you’ve made a claim on your credit or debit card I’d love to hear how you get along, let me know in the comment box below.


*A package holiday is defined by the Package Travel Regulations as a flight plus one other element, such as accommodation or a tour, booked together. You should have been advised at the time you booked your trip if it was a package and issued with an ATOL certificate so if in doubt, check your paperwork.


**Please note that I am a travel journalist, not a lawyer, so the above is for general advice only. If you require legal advice making a claim, you should consult a solicitor or contact Citizens Advice.

Blog Comments

The travel company said my money was returned on the 18th April to the same account it was paid with (by debit card) money has NOT gone in, nor is it waiting to clear, my partner emailed Tui, no reply as yet. What can we do?

Hi Yvonne

It might just be taking a little longer than expected; if TUI said it has been refunded I’m pretty sure that will be the case, but if you don’t receive it within seven days and if you still can’t get hold of TUI then you could raise a dispute with your debit card issuer and they could look into this for you.

I hope that helps.

Booked flights to Canada for June by debit card and the flights were cancelled. Really struggling to get any reply for a refund. As a student I cannot rebook and need a cash refund. Reviews for this company are really worrying. Do you have any advice as I don’t know where to go next?

Did you book by credit or debit card? If so, contact your card issuer and do a Section 75 or chargeback

Nice article,
Had a package booked through Travel Republic(flight, accom & transfers) for the 22nd March, eventually received there email saying it was cancelled and I used there website to request a refund (no telephone or email support as they have turned that off). Despite dozens of website or twitter messages to ask for a update on the status of my refund request no joy, only a standard reply saying “we are busy someone from our team will be in touch”. My credit card provider Halifax today issued me a temporary refund via the chargeback scheme, but I believe Travel republic have 40 days to contest it. so fingers crossed they don’t!

Great that you managed to get a chargeback refund, it should stick as the PTRs are clear that you were due your money back within 14 days

Hi, keeping safe i hope, I should gone away 6th April but got cancelled I booked it through Love Holidays for my accommodation and Ryanair for my flights. I have not received anything back but I’ve put a claim in with both parties, what can I do next please? Steve 👍

Hi Stephen, if Ryanair cancelled your flight and Love Holidays cancelled your accommodation you should receive a refund from both. Refunds are taking a long time to process, but if you feel you’ve waited long enough and you paid by debit or credit card you could ask your bank to process the refunds instead.

I booked my holiday myself i could not go when FCO said don’t go to Spain iam getting my flights refunded from airline but my credit card company says they can’t refund my hotel because i didn’t cancel it is this right

Hi James,

If Spain was in lockdown when you were due to travel the hotel should have cancelled your booking and provided a refund as they would have been closed anyway; if it wasn’t you should have cancelled your booking and requested a refund (if that was an option). If the hotel won’t refund your money, have you checked your travel insurance for cover?

My husband booked a package holiday with Tui for 2nd July. We paid full amount on credit card and then paid our credit card off straight away. Our holiday was cancelled by Tui and we have been given cash refund money back but onto our credit card. It’s nearly £3k in credit. Can I claim this money back off the credit card?

You should call your credit card issuer and see if they can transfer the money into your bank account. If your credit card is linked to your bank account that shouldn’t be a problem.

Hi we went to Mauritius on 12/3/20 3 days later the island went into lock down the holiday was completely disrupted all restaurants and facilities shut in the hotel apart from a buffet restaurant, the food was running short !! We have tried constantly to get a response from the travel company eventually they have offered us a small amount for the days we missed because of returning early but nothing for the facilities that were shut, we paid a lot of money for a holiday we did not get.

Hi Wendy, you should have received a pro-rata refund for the days you missed.

We bought a cruise and accommodation package holiday through Cruise Nation. We flew out to our cruise starting point on 11th March ready to start our cruise on the 14th. Unfortunately on the 13th March, we were notified our cruise was cancelled. We were flown home (eventually!). Obviously we missed out on our 14 night cruise plus the 6 nights accommodation afterwards, and essentially, we only got 2 nights of our 25 night holiday before everything went pear shaped.

Cruise Nation have essentially ignored all correspondence since we have got home, other than replying to one email (out of numerous sent) saying they have applied for a refund for our cruise, but for everything else we need to go through travel insurance. Travel insurance have refused our claim saying it is a package holiday and they are legally obliged to refund.

I put in a dispute with Barclaycard on the 1st April, but they’re a nightmare to get hold of, can only use their secure messaging system and get very generic responses back. They have said the dispute is being looked into and the transaction has been suspended until 5th June (but it hasn’t been credited back to my account).

It’s now over 10 weeks since our holiday was cancelled, and we’re not further forward. Meanwhile, we paid £4000 for a holiday we didn’t get, and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with trying to secure a refund. I would love any help or advice with trying to move this forward.

Just an update to this. I eventually received a refund from Barclaycard for this. It has taken over 4 months, several long telephone calls (longest one I spent 3 hours 45 minutes on hold before even getting to speak to someone!) and a few false starts (twice I had a temporary refund put in my account only for it to be reversed the next day) but eventually I seem to have got there. The permanent credit went into my account on 6th July, and I was told the company had 30 days to dispute it. That was up yesterday, so today I have requested that credit be refunded from my credit card to my bank account.

Thank you for advice online. I booked with love holidays (flights and hotel). Holiday cancelled by TUI 29 April. RCN provided a week later. I asked for cash refund via Love Holidays live chat(not very live 8 days to respond) this was confirmed however I need to get cash refund from TUI for flights not the case however as LoveHolidays had paid for flights. TUI confirmed refunded had gone thru but have been unable to get hold of Love Holidays. Spoke to Lloyds bank dispute team today and chargeback granted. £1400 reimbursed immediately. Great work from Lloyds Bank. TUI helpful but Love Holidays appalling.


Olive Norrismokkaturbo

Paid £ UKBreakaways for weekend in Keswick in Feb.for holiday in April. Company in Administration paid by Debit Card how do I go about Chargeback? Any advice would be helpful. THANK YOU. OLIVE.

Hi Olive, if your holiday with UK Breakaways included coach travel it would be classed as a package and you should be able to claim a refund here, otherwise you could ask your bank to process a chargeback – the number to call should be on the back of your debit card.

Hi, we booked a holiday accommodation with Olivers Travels who will not give a refund. We cannot make the dates that OT have offered in 2021. We have travel insurance with our bank plus I paid with a credit card. Which is the best way forward with trying to get our money back ?

I think the fastest route would be to claim a refund from your credit card issuer under Section 75 of the credit card act, assuming that you booked a flight-inclusive package from a UK-based company and that the holiday cost between £100.01 and £30,000. You could claim on your travel insurance but it is more than likely your insurer will tell you that Olivers Travel is responsible for issuing the refund, so I’d try your card issuer (probably your bank) first. You should find the number to call on the back of your credit card

We were due to go away April 15th, booked package deal with virgin, who have said they will refund originally within 45 days we have since had an email saying the refund is in progress but they cannot give a timescale as to when we will receive our money. We paid by debit card what can we do?

Hi Karen, you could contact your card issuer and ask if they’re prepared to do a chargeback, although as Virgin says it’s processing your refund they might ask you to wait, it’s worth a try though as your bank might be willing to refund you straight away.

Following E mails with my holiday company they informed me it would be about 14 weeks before payout. I have written to my credit card company on26th April under sec 75 and to date have not had a reply?

Hi Harry, is it possible to call your credit card company to chase your claim? They should have replied by now so if they don’t respond I’d write again and mention that you’re considering reporting them to the Financial Ombudsman if they don’t let you know what’s happening with your claim.


i was due to fly out on the 7th april but of course i wasnt due to lockdown both here and there. travel company have said they would refund me £1760 from £2300 that i paid. aroiund £500 they will not be paying me back saying its cancellation costs from the hotels and airlines etc. what can i do? ps i am still awaiting my £1760, they have said could take up 10 working weeks.

If you booked a package you’re entitled to a full refund within 14 days. If you paid by credit or debit card you should contact your bank to make a claim or look at claiming on your travel insurance.

I booked a package holiday with jet 2 which I paid for in monthly instalment s from June 2019 through to February 2020 the payment s were 300/300/400/500/500/500/500/500/1.500,that amount s to 5000 but they only put 4700 in my credit account that is 300 short how do I get the 300 back,

That’s odd. Have you managed to speak to anyone to ask why the payment was £300 short?

Was interested in your advice on refunds from holiday company.
We have just been told by our company we won’t get our refund till September,we were due to holiday 24th April.
I have contacted credit card company and awaiting their reply as part of cost was paid on credit card the rest on debit.
The company have offered refund credit note which I have refused as do not want to rebook with this company they have been awful in dealing with customers .

Hi, we were do to go on holiday the end of April through Travel Counsellors. The holiday cost £5500. On the 23rd March I received a letter stating I was to shield due to my chronic illnesses. My travel counselor called me the next day and I told her although the holiday probably wasn’t going ahead anyway I wouldn’t be able to go. She advised we claim through our travel insurance. We have done this but today the travel insurance are saying they will not pay out due to me not being ill at the time and that the travel counselor should be fully refunding us and not be taken through the insurance. Our travel counselor is telling us the insurance should be paying out and that she was going to write to them! This has been going on since march now whilst we are £5500 out of pocket. Both my partner and I are self employed, I obviously can’t work due to shielding and we have no money! I’m going to call the bank tomorrow to see if I can claim through them as we paid on out debit card. Any other words of advise?

Hi Deanne

If the holiday was cancelled by the travel company they should refund you. Or did you cancel it yourself?


Shearings went into administration on 22 May, my self drive holiday was booked for 20 March and was cancelled by Shearings on 18 March. Phoned my credit card company 5th and 18th June, still no response, no confirmation of our telephone call, how long should I wait and will I get my £204 refunded

You could make a claim on your travel insurance, if you had a policy in place.


We we re in NZ when our holiday was cut short due to COVID 19. We were in lockdown over there for 3 weeks. We had to pay for accomodation and the flights home ourselves on our credit card. The holiday itself was booked on a debit card. When arrived home our tour operator said to claim through our insurance company, which we duly did. After 9 weeks our insurance company got back to us stating that until we have exhausted every other avenue of getting a refund they will not consider our claim!

Our tour operator is refusing to refund us, stating that our insurance covers us and we should be claiming through them. We are going around in circles and no-one is wanting to take responsibility.

Is our next option to claim a chargeback from the bank for the holiday? However I am concerned there is a 120 day limit and we paid for this holiday last year. Also how do we claim the money we had to spend to get home on our credit card, when essentially we had the service but we had to have it through no fault of our own?

Any help you could give would be amazing.
Thank you.

If you booked a package holiday, then under the terms of the Package Travel Regulations, your tour operator should have looked after you in NZ and re-arranged your flights home, which is why the insurance company is refusing your claim. You could try a chargeback through your bank to reclaim your additional costs – alternatively you could ask them to give you a pro-rata refund for the unused days of the holiday you’d paid for. You can make a chargeback claim up to 120 day limit from when the holiday was curtailed, not from the date of purchase. If this doesn’t work, you’re entitled to go back to your insurance and say you have, in fact, exhausted every other avenue!

hi we had a holiday booking with shearings coach holidays. They have now gone into administration. How do i get my money back? I paid through my credit card. My bank dosent want to know and said ring the credit card company but the automated responese on the phone said go to the website, which website? i seem to be going round in circles. The original Shearings email has been taken down and the web page is unavailable.
N Strange

Hi Nicole, what sort of holiday did you have? Did it include flights or was it a coach tour?

Nicola, if you follow this link, it should show you your options

We booked flights to Skiathos last November to attend my nieces wedding on 30th July this year. She finally cancelled it due to Covid 19 and the uncertainty of it all. It has now been announced that Greece is open with no quarantine required from 15th July. I contacted the airline, Jet2, when she first cancelled it and revived an answer some weeks later saying that they wouldn’t refund because they hadn’t cancelled the flights! But they didn’t know if the flights would go ahead at that point! They said that we could rearrange it, but we were only going for the wedding! Any ideas? We paid by debit card…..

What is the situation at the moment? Have you cancelled the flights or do you still have your reservation and, if so, has Jet2 confirmed they are definitely going ahead?

Our flights to Corsica for 30th July, with EasyJet, were cancelled yesterday. We booked the accommodation through ‘On the Beach’. The accommodation say they are open and are booking is still in place but we have no way of getting there now. Can we claim a refund for the accommodation some how? Thanks

Hi Nicole, did you book everything through OTB or just the accommodation? If you booked a package with OTB they should find you new flights or refund you for the package; if you only booked the hotel have you tried asking OTB if you can cancel or postpone? Alternatively you could try making an insurance claim if you bought a policy before March 13. If all else fails, you could try a charge back or S75 claim if you paid by debit or credit card but it’s debatable whether this will succeed

I have been waiting since the 23rd of may for loyds visa to get my money back from shearings heard nothing yet

Hi Richard, have you tried chasing them?

Just to point out that a Package does not have to include a flight as you said – just two elements, so accommodation and car hire is a package..
Incidentally, for those waiting, I got Emirates refund last week, 8 weeks after claiming. I think this is fair given the huge volume they must be dealing with. Only issue is that they haven’t refunded seat booking fees, which I assume are also legally due back when they cancel my flight? I’ve started another refund request for those, so will just have to wait another few weeks to see whether they get refunded or disputed.

we booked a dream holiday to sturgis usa for the 80th Harley rally, because eagle rider tours didn’t include flights we booked those separately through a travel agents, the flights are now cancelled and we will be refunded but we don’t know when, eagle rider tours have cancelled our tour and issued a voucher for £13,00 in American dollars, the voucher is no good to us as my husband has a lung condition and we can’t look ahead 12/24 months as we don’t know what his health will be like in the future, we don’t know what to do as we can’t use the voucher, can anyone give us advice please … judith

As long as your tour included at least two components e.g. accommodation and vehicle rental, it is covered by Package Holiday regulations 2018. Vehicle includes any motor bike requiring a class A license apparently.
Look up the regulations and go back to them saying that the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances under clause 12 (7), if you cancelled. If they cancelled, cite clause 13 (2). Tell them you do not accept credit voucher and they must refund you. If they do not, then claim against your credit card provider(under either chargeback or Section 75) again citing the regulations.
Good luck

Hi Judith, how much was the voucher worth, in total?

Hi Ian, thank you for your advice I will give it a go and let you know. judith The voucher is worth $1,536 USD

Hi Judith

How disappointing your trip has been cancelled. Unfortunately if Eagle Rider is a US-based company it won’t be covered by the Package Travel Regulations, but you should be able to claim on your travel insurance, if you bought a policy before mid-March, or, as Iain suggested, if you paid by credit card you might be able to get your card issuer to process a Section 75 claim. If you paid by debit card, you could try to get them to do a charge back.


Eagle riders allow clients to price in £ and have a web site, suggesting they are marketing to UK. Have you considered EU court of Justice cases C-585/08 and C-144/09? These seem to suggest that anyone specifically marketing to EU is caught by rules. Obviously enforcing them is more tricky, but if they are caught by them, then it makes a chargeback/S75 claim more likely to succeed.

Yes, definitely no harm in trying

Hi Ian we originally tried to book through eagle rider uk but could never gat through on the phone we also e mailed them as we preferred a uk company and to pay in pounds not dollars, after I had emailed the uk site a guy called Andrew in America asked us to phone him and we ended up going through the American eagle rider company, ended up paying quite a bit converting the currency through the bank, we both feel so stressed over it all and my partner has said to just write the money off but I don’t see why we should have to do that, we are in the worst possible situation ever because eagle rider don’t include flights so we had to book those our selves, we are getting the money back £2,950 but it could take a while, we booked the flights through a travel agent called usher and they havn’t been very good getting back to us over the flights I’ve had to do all the running, to be honest I wish we had never booked this supposedly dream tour… it’s turned into a night mare. thank you for your help and advice and to you too linsey. much appreciated

I think if you had travel insurance this would be your best bet, but it’s still worth trying your card issuer for both the flights and the tour.

Our tui holiday to Spain on 20th May was cancelled paid for holiday with debit card and still waiting for refund. When I contacted tui was told a voucher code was emailed to me on the 12.05.20 informed them that I didn’t receive it everytime I’ve contacted them I am told the same thing at a loss what to do next, we are both in our 70’s and finding this so stressful and advice would be gratefully received.

Hi Patricia, have you tried asking your debit card provider to do a chargeback?

Hi we booked flights to lanzarote and due to covid 19 the resort has closed down we booked flights with ryan air as flights are not cancelled we cant get money back we paid flights on debit card any help how get money back be appreciated

Hi Kelvin

have you checked to see if your insurance will cover you for this? Otherwise, will Ryanair offer to change your flight to another destination/date?


I was on a curtailed round the world cruise – 52 days lost of holiday. We booked through Iglu cruise curtailed on 13/3/20 and informed by CMV that we would get a refund for dats list £12,200. Arrived back in UK on 14/4/20 and despite constant emails to both cmv and Iglu we were told refunds would happen at the end of July. CMV went into administration on 20/7/20 and although both companies are bonded to ABTA we have been told curtailment is not covered under ABTA. Travel insurance won’t pay either.

Hi Lesley, have you double-checked your insurance, some policies sold before mid March included curtailment but insurers won’t pay out until you’ve exhausted all other avenues – since CMV has failed it might be worth trying the insurers again if you tried them before CMV collapsed? if you paid by credit or debit card you could also try that avenue since you didn’t get the service you paid for.

Hi, we booked flights and accommodation to Ibiza pre Covid for October Week with Travel republic. We have had confirmation from the hotel that they won’t be opening, but the flights are with ryanair so likely to be on. Insurance was booked last year too. We can’t get hold off TR to discuss options. Keen to cancel if possible. What is our best option for doing this? Thanks.

Hi Chris, did you book a package or flights and hotel as 2 separate transactions?

Thanks for the quick response. All in the one transaction, so a package holiday (as I understand).

Yes, it sounds like you have a package, for clarification it should say if it’s a package on any paperwork you have. My understanding is that Travel Republic are abiding by the ABTA code of conduct and cancelling package holidays to destinations where the FCO advises against travel so they should cancel your booking and refund you in full. It’s best if you wait for them to cancel rather than cancelling yourself as then they won’t have to refund you.

Thanks for that, not the answer I was expecting given the Ryanair flights are near certain to go ahead. Will be a nervous wait however, per their own updates, they are not contacting customers until a few days prior to departure. Is there anything I should do in the interim period to cover myself from an insurance or s75 perspective? Thanks again.

ABTA has told all members it expects them to cancel package holidays to destinations where there is an FCO advisory so if TR do abide by the ABTA code of conduct they will cancel packages to Ibiza (unless the FCO advice changes) but, yes, it’s not helpful that you have to wait. You could try an insurance/S75 claim but both your insurer and bank will probably ask you to wait for TR to cancel.

We booked a holiday to Majorca but the hotel is now closed . FCO advises against all but essential travel . Loveholidays asked us if we intended to travel . Under the circumstances we said no . Had refund from Loveholidays for the hotel and transfer but not flights . Ryan say not refundable but we couldn’t travel , no hotel and against FCO so not insured? Is this correct ?

Ryanair isn’t legally obliged to refund you unless it cancels the flights; loveholidays has been told by Abta that it should refund package holiday customers for the hotel and flights in these circumstances, but Abta can’t make it comply with its code of conduct. You could try claiming on your insurance which should cover you if you booked before mid March, otherwise you could try a credit card claim.

Thankyou for your reply. To be honest it was what we expected. We’ve sent a strongly worded e mail , although I doubt it will do any good . I believe Loveholidays are a law unto themselves.

Holiday for March 16 cancelled. Booked via LoveHoliday by DDCD and they booked flights via TUI. TUI issued credit note on 30 April and we requested cash refund. After 7 months of trying to speak to LH (no tea lines)and TUI (no UK call centre) TUI say they refunded LH in May and LH day that they haven’t received it and cannotnhelp. They refuse to respond to my messages now. I’ve been to Resolver and ABTA. Where/what now?

Hi Nicolle, I’m not sure how you paid, was it by bank transfer or by card? If it was by card you can submit a claim to your card provider, if my other means your best option now might be the small claims court – you could fill out the claim and send it to Loveholidays prior to submitting it and see if this prompts a response. They still have a backlog of claims to deal with so it might just prompt them to deal with your claim more quickly.

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