Is it too early to mention Christmas (markets)?

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It’s only, oh I dunno, about 317 days till Christmas folks and because I don’t think it’s ever too early to start getting festive, I’m here to tell you that Jet2, the UK’s second biggest holiday company, has just announced that it will feature an expanded choice of Christmas markets this year. Shut the front door.

To start with, it has added flights and packages to the winter wonderland of Strasbourg, which has the oldest Christmas market in France. Flights can be booked with and packages with Jet2CityBreaks.

Secondly, the holiday firm, which already offered trips to Christmas markets in Berlin, Budapest, Cologne, Krakow, Nuremberg and Copenhagen, has also added extra flights to these cities from its seven UK airports.

Its Christmas markets programme will run from November to Christmas. Can’t wait, but just for the record, my favourite all-time festive market (and I’ve been to a few) is Innsbruck, Austria. Its main square, backed by snowy mountains, is filled with zillions of twinkly lights, all the streets around are decorated too, and the air is filled with the smell of gluwein and that most festive of scents, sauerkraut, making this the most Christmas-y place on earth. Except possibly Bethlehem.

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