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Tips to avoid your holiday being cancelled or cut short

    Let’s be honest, booking a holiday anywhere right now is risky, with the UK government warning that it could remove countries from its list of ‘safe’ destinations at a moment’s notice.  ...

One more sleep…and I’m going on holiday ( I hope)

One more sleep…   … and I’m off on holiday. I didn’t expect to be saying that three months ago. Even last month I thought an overseas holiday would be unlikely this summer and...

Travel insurance: can you get cover for coronavirus?

Travel insurance: see what you cover is available for coronavirus (Covid-19)

Hero guide to …ski insurance

  I was prompted to write this article when a friend of my daughter’s knackered his knee playing rugby just a few weeks before his university ski trip. Not only was he gutted that...

Knock ££s off your next holiday

Your holiday spending money won’t go as far in popular holiday destinations like the Med and the USA this year due to the pound sinking against the euro, the dollar and some other currencies,...