What will holidays be like this summer?


It’s official, the government has announced that we’ll be able to go on holiday to some destinations from early July without having to quarantine when we return home.

A list of countries with quarantine-free travel is expected to be announced early next week, maybe as early as Monday. It’s expected to include Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Turkey.

Some journalists have also suggested Croatia will be included.

It’s understood that the Foreign Office will lift its advice against travel to all of the countries on the list, which will allow travel companies to re-launch their programmes. It will also mean holidaymakers will be able to get travel insurance again, although not all policies will include cover for coronavirus.

Tui is expecting to start flying again on 11 July and Jet2 will following on 15 July.

The largest holiday company, Tui, told the BBC customers have been scrambling to book since the government announced it would be publishing a list of countries with quarantine-free travel last Friday night.

But holidays this year will be very different from in the past. Here’s an article I wrote for Which? with a comprehensive list of all the changes you’ll see, from arriving at the airport to spending time in the resort.

It covers all the major holiday destinations and includes:

  • Where and when you’ll have to wear a mask
  • What it’ll be like on the flight
  • What will be open in your resort
  • What’s happening with swimming pools
  • Where you’ll be able to lie on the beach
  • What’s happening with kids’ clubs
  • Safety measures at hotels
  • What entertainment will be available
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