WIN a holiday to South Africa

Travel company TUI is looking for over 50s to test a new action-packed tour of South Africa, FOR FREE.

You can go alone, take your partner or your friend.

The only catch is that you’ll be filmed during the trip and the footage will be turned into a documentary-style film. Oh, and you need to be able to get up and go next month.

TUI, the UK’s biggest tour operator (previously called Thomson) wants to use the film to challenge the perceptions of holidays for middle aged people.

It’s realised (too late, IMO) that we don’t just want leisurely cruises and coach tours, we want to do the same stuff younger people do, but maybe with a bit more luxury thrown in.

“We all have an idea of what we perceive over 50s do and think – and this stereotype is often informed by movies, TV and advertising,” said a TUI spokesman.

“We know there’s a whole group of middle agers who are energised adventurers and this latest study shows middle age is an active and social time of life.

“It’s a time where many have fewer responsibilities as children have grown up and flown the nest, as well as having more disposable income than they did when they were younger.

“The lifestyles of over 50s are reflecting this and brands need to learn more about the age group to make sure the image they show of this generation is correct.”  No shit, Sherlock.

The company is searching for a couple, friends and a solo traveller to take part in ‘The Travel Diaries’ project. So will you qualify? Well, the operator says it is looking for ‘the next Michael Palin’ – by which I guess it means boy-next-door types who are curious, keen travellers and relaxed in front of the camera.

“They don’t need to be film experts, this isn’t about making a movie,” said the spokeswoman.  “We want them to record their real, authentic experiences and ‘tell it like it is, from meeting the locals, encountering the wildlife and tasting the food.”

You’ll find further details on TUI’s Facebook page, but hurry because the competition closes on Sunday (July 14).

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